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    Andréa Paige, ND, MSc, E-RYT 500 “BioHacking Epigeneticist” a master of lifestyle medicine. Andréa travels the world empowering people to take their health back into their own hands. As a yoga teacher trainer and shaper of the future of Yoga, Andréa specializes in the physiological benefits of the advanced yogic practices. She teaches from a place of resonance: you feel what’s said rather than merely intellectualizing—Andréa has great success in inducing your embodiment. Her lectures aren’t mere points of ‘that was interesting’, but rather portals of transformation for greater shifts in your life. Students say just being around her makes you feel more alive. Andréa is the founder of the Micro-biome Think Tank, The Yoga Graduate School and her own campaign “Live For Vitality”. Join Andréa for your very first transformational online fasting retreat!

    Andréa spends part of the year leading yoga teacher trainings and teaching Anatomy, Physiology & Health on Training programs worldwide. Dr. Andréa serves on the Board of Directors for Festival Medical (USA, non-profit) and is a founding member of the Micro-biome Think Tank. For the past nearly 4 years, Andréa served as the Director of the Detox Department at the renowned Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, For most of the past half-decade Andréa worked guiding people through transformative fasting retreats. She has now launched her own line of retreats and trainings through “Live For Vitality”.

    Our Work

    Our aim is to help people understand and get in touch with their inherent aliveness. This may come in the form of prana, felt for the first time in a Nada Yoga class. Or, it may come in the form of an irrational, seemingly-inexhaustible source of energy discovered deep into a fast. It’s a sense of aliveness that you might remember having as a kid. It didn’t die when you got older. It’s still there inside of you. Let’s find out how to get it back!

    Our Team

    Humans are community-oriented being, and our personal/spiritual/physical growth is not separate from this paradigm. Here in Bali we have a team of amazing people, working to change peoples lives by the dozen. That’s a lot of influence!We use it wisely to empower people to take their HEALTH back into their own hands!

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    Andrea has a new website! Please check it out for more tips from DR. ANDREA PAIGE! 🤗 This website is inactive and hasn't been updated for more than 3 years
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